My Beloved Léo

My name is Alain Yake and thank you so much for visiting My Beloved Léo. I am a native of the Ivory Coast who relocated to Austin, Texas in 2013. This company is dedicated to my beloved mother, Leonie Yake and to all the mothers across the world for their selfless and unconditional love. The world needs more love and we should tell our loved ones just how much we cherish and appreciate them. The My Beloved Leo clothing acts as a constant reminder of the love that we share and goes wherever you go.


My mother worked to improve the lives of women and children in the Ivory Coast by founding Leve Toi Femme d'Afrique, a charitable NGO. They continue to lift up women and children through professional development, mental health programs, health services and much more.


When you purchase an article of clothing from My Beloved Léo you are contributing to several non-profits that are making a positive impact on the world.